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As artificial intelligence continues to rapidly evolve and push the limits of possible, we at Fiverr are eager to explore what happens when top tech meets top talent, and discover how, when placed in the right hands,  sophisticated generative tools can help revolutionize the art world.

That’s why we’re challenging artists across the globe to show us what they can do with AI in a unique art competition that simulates real-life business needs.


Contest participants can choose from 3 creative briefs from hypothetical businesses in need of AI-generated artwork. Submissions should demonstrate understanding of their chosen briefs, as well as creativity, originality, aesthetic appeal, and a mastery of AI. One winner and runner-up will be crowned for each of the 3 briefs. 



for EcoChic Couture


for Sensescape Furniture Co.


for Glowbottle


US $1,500 Digital Gift Card

Each first-place winner will be awarded a US $1,500 digital gift card. 

US $500 Digital Gift Card

Each runner-up will be awarded a US $500 digital gift card.


Fiverr Support

All winners will receive dedicated support from a Fiverr Customer Support Manager to help them kickstart successful freelance careers.


Tal Zagreba

International Director


  1. The contest is open to submissions from August 8th to August 27th.  
  2. All contestants must register for Fiverr in order to participate.  
  3. Contestants may submit up to 3 high-resolution images per brief and may enter a total of 3 submissions.
  4. Submitted images must be generated through an AI tool such as Midjourney, Dall-e, Stable Diffusion, etc.
  5. Participants may retouch and make adjustments to images using Photoshop. 
  6. Participants may also optionally submit initial or intermediary versions of the artwork to showcase the process that led them to their final submissions.   
  7. Submissions should include the title of the artwork as well as description, detailing the AI process, tools, or platforms used, the  artist’s inspiration and interpretation of their work, and how it addresses the original brief. It may also include the prompts, seed inputs, or parameters used to generate the artwork. 

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