We challenged AI artists to team up with the latest generative tools in a unique competition that simulates real-life business needs. The results were simply stunning.

Following careful deliberation, our judges crowned one winner and runner up for each of the 3 briefs who demonstrated outstanding creativity, mastery of AI, and interpretation of their chosen brief.

Let’s hear it for our brilliant winners!

“Pipes Collection” by Michal Kadari

Fashion Design Winner

This AI Artist created extraordinary concept art for the fictional brand, EcoChic Couture, by upcycling rubber pipes into 3 high fashion garments. 

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“Rest Easy” by Eugene D’Hage-Craig

Interior Design Winner

Taking an unconventional approach to traditional virtual staging, this AI Artist mesmerized us with their nature-inspired, futuristic design to promote a new couch from the fictional company Sensescape Furniture Co.

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“UPCYGAMI” by Darien Davis

Fashion Design Runner Up

This AI artist took a unique approach to EcoChic Couture's brief by incorporating laminated cardboard into stunning, origami-inspired concept art.

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“Less is More: Futuristic Minimalism in an Elegant Space” by Ziv Polack

Interior Design Runner Up

 A white minimalistic interior contrasts a colorful, natural exterior in this AI-generated virtual staging, which beautifully and prominently displays the new couch from Sensecape Furniture Co.

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“Portal to Hydration” by Edward McCulloch

Marketing Design Runner Up

This AI artist showcased GlowBottle's smart technology by incorporating an LED-lit portal into their artwork, accompanied by strong branding that met the brief.

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We want to extend a special thank you to all of the talented artists who shared their work in this competition. We're thrilled to have them all as a part of the Fiverr community and can't wait to see their future creations.⁣