The fictional company EcoChic Couture is launching a new fashion line that will pioneer zero-waste design techniques, transforming discarded materials into stunning, high-fashion garments. Your task is to use AI to create fashion concept art, off of which they will base their final designs. They want pieces that push creative boundaries and reflect their commitment to sustainable fashion.


  • The transformation of discarded into upcycled materials prominently featured in the concept art
  • Realistic designs that can be translated into wearable, high-fashion pieces
  • Unique and visually striking designs
  • A minimum of 3 cohesive pieces


The fictional company Sensescape Furniture Co creates functional, yet visually striking pieces that embody a sense of architectural harmony. To entice potential buyers, they have asked you to use AI to virtually stage a living room prominently featuring a new couch they plan to release. The design should complement the style, color, and shape of the couch while evoking a soothing and futuristic ambiance.

You may use AI Seed 4250329996 to replicate the couch.


  • The couch seamlessly integrated into the design
  • Organic materials, such as natural woods or plants, combined with synthetic elements like glossy plastics or metallic finishes to create an intriguing contrast between nature and technology that evokes a futuristic aesthetic
  • Functional and realistic elements that can be implemented in real life in terms of ergonomics, composition, structure, etc.


The fictional company GlowBottle creates smart water bottles that use integrated LED lights to remind users to stay hydrated throughout the day, tracking their water intake and providing customizable hydration goals. They have asked you to use AI to create stunning, attention-grabbing artwork that showcases the product. They plan to use this artwork across all of their marketing channels including their website, email campaigns, and social media. 

GlowBottle's brand guidelines can be downloaded from the submission form.


  • Adherence to the company's brand guidelines and the inclusion of its logo & product image
  • Specific elements of water and technology, like a circuit board or LED lighting

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